ISL 2019: In the first match of the tournament, the Kerala Blasters defeated it 2-1

Own Report: ISL 29 starts on Sunday, October 28. This day begins with the sixth season of ISL vs Kerala Blasters. Earlier, both teams have been champions in this league twice. Elko Shatori is in charge of coaching the Kerala Blasters. On the other hand, Kolkata's return as coach is Spanish 'mastermind' Antonio Lopez Habas.

Kerala is known for playing in the opening match with the support of a large audience on the field. However, from the start of their own away match it was offensive. However, the beginning was not good for the Habas army. In this day's match, Kerala lost 2-0 to the Blasters.

At the beginning of the match Carl McHugh went ahead with a goal. McHugh gave it a 3-1 lead in the left foot volley with 5 minutes to go. The Kerala Blasters also launched counter-attacks. Ogbeche of Kerala returned the match with a controversial penalty at the head of the match. Ogbeche gave Kerala Blasters a second goal in the 8th minute before the break. After that, a tough tackle of defenders from Kerala Blasters in the box, Attic's penalty application - nothing could affect the match referee. Antonio Lopez Habas's team lost the first match despite persistent efforts.


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